My Judgement-Free Perspective

My worldview in helping guide and empower others that are going through a difficult time came from my own experience when trying to deal with my own trauma. When I was getting my Bachelors in college I believed I had a medical issue. My medical doctor informed me that my medical issue was really stress-induced due to my trauma history. I was shocked, but also brought down to reality: so much pressure to get through mid-terms, lack of sleep and healthy food, issues with relationships, and fear of my future. It made sense. It must be stress. My doctor made a referral for me to see a therapist.

And so begins my journey with getting quality mental health services. A common barrier to receiving mental health treatment is the lack of connection with the therapist. The issues I came across were that my therapists would give me advice, judge me, and not just listen to my needs and start from a place of understanding. That’s why I am here, to be what I know people need. I am a judgement-free ear to help empower and guide you to understand the best choices for yourself.

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